Broom Tree Farm is a place for restoration, relaxation and recreation for pastors and ministers.  We take the name of Broom Tree Farm from the story of Elijah in the Bible (First Kings chapters 17-20) because the story describes our purpose.

Elijah was a man of God and a prophet who diligently served the Lord and saw great things happen. He saw a young boy raised from the dead, fire fall from heaven to consume a sacrifice, and he stood valiantly against the enemies of God. But Elijah grew weary through much serving without rest. Weariness and discouragement often follow long periods of serving others without taking time for personal refreshing. Elijah was discouraged and he needed a quiet place to meet with God.

Don and Vinita, faced with the fact that 9 out of 10 Christian ministers and pastors who start out in ministry do not finish, realized the importance of restoration in body and spirit for those called to the Lord’s work. As their act of worship and service to the Lord, they set out to build Broom Tree Farm.

Elijah found his quiet place of rest under a broom tree. He slowed down and listened to God’s direction for his life. In the story of Elijah, when he got quiet he heard a “still small voice” from God and was encouraged to continue to serve the Lord. It is our hope that Broom Tree Farm will provide a place where servants of the Lord Jesus Christ can slow down, rest, enjoy the outdoors, and tune in to God’s “still small voice”.